#7 Bake the Best Pizza Crust

#7 Bake the Best Pizza Crust.jpg

Pizza Perfection! Bake up Neo- Neapolitan Pizza Crust , chewy, bubbly – delicious! With commercial yeast and sourdough.

Learn to bake up the best pizza crust ever! The pizza’s crust is the foundation of a great pizza. How often have you eaten a pizza with a dense crust or a tough crust and just wished for the perfect pizza crust? Well your search is over! Join now and easily make this Neo-Neapolitan pizza to serve to your family and friends.


  • 31 mins on-demand video
  • 6 Articles
  • 1 Supplemental Resource
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion

What Will I Learn?

  • Become an expert at making a pizza crust that will amaze everyone!
  • Find the secret to a terrific pizza crust, you can’t make great pizza without it.
  • Learn to bake the perfect pizza in your own home oven.
  • Serve your family some of the best pizza they’ve ever tasted!
  • Learn to stretch a pizza dough so you don’t compress the bubbles in the crust.
  • Print out an easy formula with several variations for making a great pizza crust.
  • Follow easy step by step direction to make your own sourdough starter.


  • You will need basic kitchen equipment like mixing bowls, spatulas etc.
  • A kitchen scale is a necessity in this course.
  • A pizza peel (for moving pizza) and baking parchment paper (available online or at your local store) will make baking pizza a whole lot easier.
  • Optional but helpful is to have a Kitchen Aid or other dough mixer. I will also have directions for hand mixing the dough.
  • This is a hybrid dough using both sourdough and commercial yeast, however in the course, you will find variations for using just commercial yeast or just sourdough.
  • You will need a sourdough starter (not necessary if you only wish to use the commercial yeast variation) but I show you how to make your own sourdough in the course.
  • A pizza or baking stone is essential for the best pizza, but you can start with a baking sheet.

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