The Art of Seeing Photography training for the Artist in you


Discover how to see like an artist & take the best photos of your life.

What are the requirements?

A camera (any kind will do, from iPhone to Medium Format) trust me, it does not matter.
A notebook, we cover a lot of material. Its easier to write down your thoughts as you go along.
A desire and passion to dive head first into photography.
The curiosity to understand what separates a good image from a great image.

What am I going to get from this course?

Each episode contains 45 minutes of lecture, an shooting assignment to practice the new concept, and a downloadable set of images from the lecture so you can build a personal library of resources.
You will learn how to spot light like an artist.
Step by step guide to seeing a photograph before it happens, so you don’t miss the decisive moment.
An introduction into composition beyond the Rule of Thirds and leading lines.
Each episode will have tips for training the sensitivity of your eyes and how to use your camera to capture incredible images that you simply were not seeing before.
After the first episode you will begin to see things you had not noticed before and know how to bring them into your images.
Develop the skills to evaluate any photograph as a success or failure based on its design.
By the end of this course you will have a new found appreciation for master artists and never run out of material for your own projects.


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