Stunning Aerial Videography and Photography Using Drones

Create aerial video & photos that DELIGHT your audience: Learn from basic drone handling up to advanced flying & editing

What are the requirements?

If you would like to try the editing techniques that are demonstrated using the provided raw footage then get access to some video editing software such as FCPX or Adobe Premiere
The course highlights some typical areas of legal regulation for flying and filming with a drone though it is not the primary focus of the course. It is expected that the students will, through their own research, become thoroughly familiar with the regulations in their own country – they will need to do this anyway in an ongoing basis as the laws are changing regularly.
Though safety points are discussed throughout the course it is also not the primary focus. It is expected that students will do additional research (or come already with the knowledge) in order to fly and film safely.

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 41 of those lectures have breathtaking flight footage to illustrate the points
6 tools for you to take away to help you with your planning, flying, filming and editing
Raw footage for you to practice the edit techniques with yourself
Understand some of the typical legal and safety considerations when planning your production
Choose the right aerial hardware and editing software for successful videos and photos
Identify the key flying skills, shot options, flight patterns and gimbal skills needed to produce amazing aerial productions
Successfully plan your flying trips to maximise your chance of getting beautiful shots
Set up your GoPro with its optimum settings for successful editing across a range of circumstances
Make creative ground based footage to enrich your aerial productions
Complete pre-flight checks before you start flying and filming both at the flying site and before
Learn 25 design principles to follow when creating your production
Complete the 8 editing steps, common to most editing software, in order to make stunning aerial productions

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