Optimize Metabolism with Fun Cheat Days and “The Cycle Diet”


The Complete Guide to Using Refeeds and Cheat Days to Coax Your Metabolism with a Sustainable Lifestyle Diet


What are the requirements?

A willingness to learn and watch all the videos in the course.
High speed Internet access.

What am I going to get from this course?

“Have your cake and eat it too” …but intelligently and strategically, with no guilt.
Put your body in “supercompensation mode” so that refeeds and cheat days SERVE the body.
Keep your body as LEAN as it is reasonable to keep it, year-round, without “worrying” about diet.
Adapt and tweak your own meal plans by listening to your own body’s “biofeedback” (the signals your body is giving you).
Learn to adapt and work with the diet to make it part of a sustainable, enjoyable lifestyle.
Enjoy the cheat days and overfeeds, then simply not have to think about food for the rest of the week.


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