Learn Yoga to stay young and healthy forever


Practice Yoga Postures and Pranayama daily, lead a healthy life at no cost


What are the requirements?

No prior experience in yoga is required to take this course, just an interest to learn yoga
A motivation to have a flexible body
A desire to stay healthy and keep fit forever
Before starting Yoga, you must have an empty stomach preferably .3 and half hours should elapse after eating.
Have a mat on a hard plane surface to do Yoga

What am I going to get from this course?

Learn Yoga postures
Practice Yoga on their own on a daily basis
See immediate improvement in their physical and mental health each day
Have enhanced abilities in other fields due to improved functioning of their body, mind system
Results in increased oxygenation throughout the day
Experience higher energy levels to do the required tasks during the day
Activates intestinal peristalsis and enhance the cleaning process


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