Advanced Close Combat Training: Scientific Self Defense


How To “Download” the world’s deadliest self defense moves directly into your brain.


What are the requirements?

Close Combat Training Course Recommended (but not necessary)

What am I going to get from this course?

A scientifically proven way (discovered by Isaac Newton) to hit with more force and pressure. (Regardless of your size or speed now.)
A military “insider” secret way to deflect knife, bat or gun attacks using just the edge of your hand.
The one-and-only-proven-effective way (straight out of “Dracula”) to get someone who pins you to the ground to jump off you like a frog out of boiling water!(Even the toughest guys I know are scared to death of this bizarre “move.”)
How to cripple someone twice your size and weight using nothing more than the of tips of your fingers!
A secret (almost nobody knows) that lets you bust an attacker’s knee caps with one simple movement. (Surfers naturally do this move to stay on their boards in rough surfing conditions. Here’s how to use it in a fight.)
A clever (and very sneaky) way to hit someone that’s the equivalent of 10-15 punches. (Works even if you’ve never thrown a punch in your life!)
What to do with your toes that can give you an instant advantage over bigger, faster and more experienced attackers.
A secret way (most people would never think to do) to quickly slam someone who attacks you right on their ass—without even punching, kicking or grabbing them.
How to “speed hit” your attacker every half second… even if you’re clumsy, slow and have never hit anyone in your life. (Just use your body’s natural, built-in “motor” the way I show you on the lessons.)
A secret “voodoo” move (that almost nobody else knows about) that can end any fight, with almost any attacker, in just 2 seconds or less.
What you MUST know about the tables around you if you are attacked in a bar.
3 simple and proven ways to stop knife attacks.
The outright “lie” martial arts dojos teach that can get you killed in a real fight. (This is one of the main reasons even experienced martial artists get their heads handed to them by amateurs who have no training.)
A “magic bullet” attack (used by bare knuckle boxers and ancient Samurai) that lets you control and dominate faster and tougher opponents.
A “can’t miss” way to block even an expert boxer’s punches… and put him in a world of hurt at the same time!(This amazing “super block” makes you almost invulnerable to punches.)
The absolute WORST thing you can do in a violent altercation!(Unfortunately, this is the first thing most people do instinctively. Whatever you do, NEVER do this.)
How to instantly inflict gut-wrenching pain on anyone who puts you in a headlock.
A simple “magic move” (even a grandma or small child can use) that’s guaranteed to send even the biggest and most ruthless attacker to his knees—writhing in pain.
How to quickly “summon” enough striking power to severely injure a stronger attacker… even if you’re sick, frail or weak.
A secret way to use your big toe to shatter someone’s shin?
What to do if you are attacked by multiple people at the same time.
How to instantly immobilize anyone who attacks you with a baseball bat, crowbar or other blunt weapon.
Why you should never kick someone when they’re down—and the more devastating (and painful) thing you should do instead. (This is especially true if someone attacks you with a gun.)
How to “super charge” the power of your strikes by using the SOFT part of your hand.
A weird (but effective) way to put someone in total agony if they try to punch you. (This stops attackers dead in their tracks even if you do it wrong!)
The fastest known way to stop someone who tries to tackle you to the ground. (Olympic wrestlers do this all the time, and it usually ends the fight on the spot.)
A 1-second “trick” which makes your body almost 100% “punch-proof.”
The “miracle” move that can put anyone who picks you up from behind in excruciating pain. (Your attacker will probably never walk right again!)
A “hidden” place on the human body that, if you strike it in this EXACT way, will cause most attackers (especially bigger ones) blinding pain.(Even the biggest and baddest street punk will be curled up in a fetal position—pleading for you to stop!)


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