Basic Survival Skills: Live The Survivalist Lifestyle


Basic Survival Skills & Preparedness at times of Disaster, be prepared and protect those you love the most. Survival tip.


What are the requirements?

No materials and or software are need before this course

What am I going to get from this course?

How to properly store and can food supplies
How to pack a bug out bag
How to navigate using a magnetic compass and topography (landmarks and the environment)
How to set up and sustain a small urban farm consisting of fruits and vegetables chickens and/or fish
How to produce alternative sources of electricity and brighten your life through solar wind and human power
How to make alternative fuel sources such as bio diesel to power your home and increase your travel radius
How to fortify your home and protect yourself and your family from looters, or worse using dogs battery-operated cameras and floodlights and close quarters combat techniques such as firearms and martial arts
Even how to keep up morale when you are at your mental breaking point and your spirits are low


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