Captivate Your Audience With Transformational Storytelling


Discover How The Worlds Greatest Communicators Use Story & NLP Metaphors to Transform Their Audiences Perspective.


What are the requirements?

All psychotherapy involves an element of storytelling. Stories can help people to move beyond rigid views about life, enhancing their flexibility of thought. Stories can also enable your audience to reclaim optimism and fuel their imagination with the energy necessary to attain their goals.
Prior enrolling on this course have a notebook and pen in preparation for recording bullet points from a number of the stories told – this will enable you to begin shaping and structuring your own stories with greater ease.
There are a series of downloadable workbooks and worksheets included in the course. It would be useful for students to have access to a printer.

What am I going to get from this course?

Understand the psychology of storytelling.
Know how to comfortably manage awkward questions and interruptions.
Communicate more effectively in both your personal and professional relationships.
Develop your stories so that they’re more enjoyable to tell, and more enjoyable to hear.
Present thought proviking and life changing stories to individuals and groups of all ages.
Understand practical methods for building, capturing and maintaining your audience’s attention.
Share your greatest life learnings with other people in an enlightening and interesting way.
Transform your ability to positively influence your employees, your children, your audience and others.


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