College Mandarin Chinese Course on Your Own–Beginning Level

Learn One Year’s College Chinese Curriculum in Just Two Months and Save Ten Thousand Dollars of Tuition

What are the requirements?

The students don’t need pre-knowledge of Chinese. Everything is learned from scratch.For students or adults who have already started to learn Chinese in the classroom, this course also provides additional reviewing materials.

What am I going to get from this course?

Learn Chinese sound system (pinyin) and writing system; learn conversational dialogues based on the same range of vocabulary, grammar and topics as in the Beginning Chinese Course of most North American and European universities, such as greetings, family, dates and time, hobbies, visiting friends, making appointments, learning Chinese, school life, shopping, transportation, weather, dining, asking direction, and party.
The students will learn 1 year’s worth of college Chinese curriculum (with the same range of vocabulary, grammar and dialogue topics) in just two months (half an hour per day) totally on their own, and with the same degree of proficiency achieved. They can conduct speech in most daily situations and write more than 1000 Chinese characters.

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