Arabic Survival Course (All essential daily situations)

Introductory simple Arabic course with all knowledge you need in order to survive in any Arabic speaking country !

What are the requirements?

You don’t need to have any Arabic prior knowledge before starting this course. If you just want to learn all Arabic language basics through the easiest and fastest way then you should enroll !

What am I going to get from this course?

At the end of this course, you will be ready to get on the plane and travel to any Arabic speaking destination and enjoy your stay there, whether you’re going there to work , study , or for any other reason
Introduce yourself in Arabic and ask someone about his/her name
Have a decent conversation with Arabic native speakers
Pronounce and use almost all the Arabic numbers
Pronounce and use all the Arabic names of the days and months in Arabic conversations
Ask about and tell the time and the date in Arabic
Set an appointment with an Arabic speaker
Take a taxi, a bus, or a train during your stay in any Arabic country
Check in / book a room in a hotel & even rent a house during your stay in any Arabic country
Ask about the address or the directions in Arabic
Have a meal at a restaurant and order drinks, food and the check in Arabic
Go shopping in any Arabic country
Go to the cinema or the museum in any Arabic country
Exchange money in an Arabic bank or exchange desk

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