How to do a Hebrew Word Study Without Knowing Hebrew

Learn the methods to uncover the deeper meanings of Hebrew words behind the English translations.

What are the requirements?

There are no requirements for taking this course, except for a desire to expand your knowledge of the Bible.
No materials are required to take this course as you will be provided everything you need, but if you have a Bible, dictionary, lexicon, interlinear or other word study related material will be helpful.

What am I going to get from this course?

Define Hebrew words based on their original cultural context
Have a basic understanding of the philosophy and thought process of the Hebrew people allowing for proper Biblical interpretation.
Use a Bible concordance and dictionary to define Hebrew words and roots.
Use E-Sword to do an in-depth study of Hebrew words.
Know how to use various Hebrew lexicons to do a study of Hebrew words and roots.
Know how to navigate through a Hebrew-English interlinear Bible.
Find the definition of a word based on the context of how it is used in the Bible.
Have a digital library of free resources that will assist you in digging into the Hebrew language of the Bible.

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